Delapse Crisis Assistance

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When there is nowhere else to turn, we will help with your delapse needs.

Business Overview

When a delapse takes place, we can provide emergency retox treatments and short to long term dehab facilities if you are wealthy. Certified Step 0 and Step 13 provider.

Line of Business

Personal Services > Misc Personal Services > Self Esteem Programs

Brands We Carry

Retox Bar * Dehab Resort * Brad Magazine highly recommends Retox brand beverages.

Products And Services

Founded By Dr. Brad, author of "Step 0, The Overlooked and Most Important Step In Recovery", "What Happens in Vegas Will Likely Happen Again in Atlantic City","The 13th Step: Welcome Back Friend- Here We Go Again" and "Shipstorm: An Insider's Take on the Tiffany St. Claire Divorce, Murder and Estate Contest". Also, co-author of (along with beloved deceased model/adult thespian/ex-wife Tiffany St. Claire) "Any Port in a Storm-Maritime Themed Snow Globes".

Discounts Offered

10 year chip-first bottle free. 20 year chip-first bottle free + 50% off hot wings.

Additional Information

Dr. Brad is CEO of Brad Magazine and now sole owner of the world's most prestigious maritime themed snow globe collection.

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